About Express O&P

At Express We Treat You With Respect, Care, and Compassion

At Express O and P

At Express, we have a comfortable reception area for our patients’ use. Our helpful staff will greet you and are always available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your appointment or insurance coverage. We also have a wheelchair accessible restroom to accommodate those who require a bit of extra space.

On-Site Laboratory

Each patient that we see requires a unique care plan as no one person is the same. That being the case, specialized protocols and customized technology are needed to produce optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction. It takes a significant degree of skill, attention to detail, and creativity to treat every patient individually while also considering their physical necessities and emotional differences. Our in-house prosthetics and orthotics lab enables us to do so as it is an ongoing working partnership between your brace or prosthesis and our certified experts. The laboratory allows us to customize and tailor our devices to you on a personal level. It also allows us to accommodate for specific anatomies, changes in the size or shape of your limb, or general repairs if needed.

We are committed to ensuring that our patients are completely satisfied with the services and care that they receive here at Express O & P.